Help linking two owl carousel together

hi everyone, I’m using responsive owl carousel (elementor) and Im trying to link two carousel together, whenever i change the first carousel slide, the other should also change slide. So far i have been unlucky and nothing worked. anyone has done this already?

Hi @onilzuka, and welcome to the community!

If you can provide what code you have, that will allow us to be tter help you. You can use something like CodePen, JSFiddle, ReplIt, or a variety of other sites to host your code for free and allow users to interact with your code.

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jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
  // Get the first carousel element
  var carousel1 = $('.myCarousel');

  // Get the second carousel element
  var carousel2 = $('.myCarousel2');

  // When the first carousel slides to a new slide
  carousel1.on('', function(event) {
    // Get the current slide index
    var currentIndex = $(event.relatedTarget).index();

    // Pause the second carousel to prevent automatic sliding

    // Change the second carousel to the corresponding slide


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Well noted with thanks

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