Help making my portfolio site responsive

Hey guys I have been using media queries to make my portfolio site responsive on mobile devices and I’m struggling to make the layout presentable, if anybody could give me some hints it would be greatly appreciated

Use my portfolio template

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you are using flex in all the wrong places bro, you’ve built your page with padding and margins and then adding flex in the media queries is just gonna cause the page to break, also you have flex on child elements like li and flex doesn’t work that way it has to go on the parent div to effect the child elements.
as you have already built your page without flex the best thing would be too change the flex displays into block in the media queries. i forked your code and had a play around to get the responsive a bit better heres the link so you can get an idea of what i mean.

also if you want to learn how to use flexbox there are some games like flexbox defence and flexbox zombies that will help you out bro as flex makes things a lot easier, hope this helped :+1:


Thanks man I really appreciate the feedback it helped a lot I been stuck the past couple days and I’m going to check those games you referenced out to

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Just had to thank you again man that flexbox defense game was very helpful and actually fun

Haha yh i thought that was fun too glad you liked it bro, there is one called flexbox froggy too but i think the defence one is better, glad you learned something from it man flexbox will make things easier for you now bro :+1:

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