Portfolio page Help/Feedback

Hi guys,

Whilst working on my portfolio page, I have had to repeatedly manipulate or adjust the page (margin, width, padding, etc), apply the changes and adjust it to suit my desired outcome. Is this normal? Or is this how it is done (by front-end devs) on a regular basis or there is an easier way that I am unaware of?

I personally felt that I was doing hacks to get the look I wanted. I also noticed that when I viewed the site on my mobile, things kinda looked out of place-not sure why, but will hopefully figure it out.

Please let me know your thoughts, here is my portfolio page and I would like some feedback:


I also recall from comments on a post, someone mentioned checking out Flexbox, I am not really sure what it does (Still checking it out) but it seems that most folks use this in their portfolio project and their work looks pretty cool.

Well of course as they say ‘with practice comes experience’. At the same time even the most experience programmer is accustomed (and even should, say, to look at performance attributes) to debugging.

Flexbox is not bad. Personally I much prefer CSS Grid, though unfortunately support for it is not at 100% yet.

It’s pretty normal. Takes a lot of practice. Make sure you understand CSS displays (i.e. block, inline-block, inline, absolute, relative, etc).

As far as the mobile issue this is one of the trickier aspects of modern web design. It’s normal to apply different styles based on the size of the screen that the user is on. CSS media queries are used for this.

Here’s a good tutorial on responsive design/media queries: