Portfolio Page, Feedback Wanted

Hey everyone! I just finished putting together my Portfolio Page project and I’m looking for some feedback. It’s here on CodePen.

I feel like the CSS is pretty hacky, and I also couldn’t seem to get the navbar items to sit just next to each other when expanding them from the button in mobile mode–there were always horizontal gaps between them and my fiddling with margins and the like didn’t seem to help. I’d love some general feedback, and especially any on ways I can make the CSS more efficient.


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Hi, it looks nice, good color choice! It isn’t responsive though, at least you didn’t add the meta viewport tag ( HTML settings )

I’m still struggling on my page, so you are one ahead of me. That being said, I’m not the right person to be asking about hack code.

I’m guessing but if I’m correct, I will smile with pride:

I think that margin refers to the width of the body, probably in bootstrap. Try and overwrite it…

P.S. I like it. I viewed it from my phone and it is fully responsive.

Oops! Thanks Ben. I’ve gone ahead and added in the viewport tag. I’m glad you like the color scheme; I am no great shakes at color theory, but I know I am partial to blues and cyans, so here we are.