Portfolio Feedback!

Howdy folks! Finally finished my portfolio page and it took me forever cause I did all the code custom. Take a look and tell me your thoughts!

I know I have to do some tweaks to make it mobile friendly. But any other tips would be appreciated.

Hi there ! Well done, it doesn’t look bad at all !

Not an expert but here’s what I can offer:

you can simplify your css like this:

padding: 25px 25px 25px 25px is exactly like padding:25px; (same for other rules of course).

and for your borders:
border: 3px solid rgba(whatever, whatever, whatever,0,4);

(so one line instead of three!)

padding: 30px 0; is equal to 30px top and 30px bottom.

When you want to start working on the responsiveness, you might want to start playing around with percentages rather than px.

By the wa (in case you don’t know it yet), the Net Ninja has a playlist explaining Bootstrap and one explaining Flexbox.

And another camper made me discover Wes Bos’ Flexbox tutorial

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Nice dude! You should really look into how powerful of a framework bootstrap is though. It’s all been battletested by Twitter so you don’t have to worry about adding all that padding, width, and height to all your elements. I’d recommend checking out EJ Media on Youtube - the guy’s got a bunch of playlists like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, you name it! All the videos are super short too but he starts from no-knowledge to applied basics. That’s what I did (minus jQuery) and this is how my porfolio turned out http://codepen.io/spkellydev/full/wgzPrV/

Don’t get discouraged, all these fixes are easy to make and you’ll gain a lot of understanding in the process! I’d recommend taking it slow so your learning doesn’t become too compressed. Keep coding!