Portfolio feedback please/

Hello everyone! I have completed the portfolio challenge. Kept it simple and short.Any feedback on it would be highly appreciated.
Here is the link-
My portfolio

Good portfolio… keep learning :wink:

Thanks mate.Yeah learning is fun!

Your site is pretty fine, considering that youre still like me, Learning! But one thing im really concerned about, as soon s possible learn layouting tricks, its not that easy to learn, yet not that hard, but it will improve your site a lot! The placeolder images looks fine, but the way its stacked on top of each other doest seem to be agood practice, anyways, to sum it all up, for our level both, Its good for me!! :+1::+1:

Yeah trying to improve it.Still learning.Thanks for the feedback!

It completes the assignment.

I recommend using CodePen for these projects because we can view the source easier to give advice.

After inspecting your code, I did see you are using h1 class = ‘display-5’ and I wanted to mention that there is not a class designated for this. So, unless you create it, it will always revert itself to a h1 tag instead. You can use display-1 - display-4.

I can also see that you are using inline-styles to define padding on to top of some of your divs.
You could achieve the same result using a class of pt-4 (BootStrap 4).
pt-1 means “padding-top: 1rem”, 1 Rem is roughly 10px. “pt-4” means “padding-top: 4rem” which equals 40px.

If you are using bootstrap, you should try and use their set classes so that you can spend more time typing the html for layouts, etc. Then you can go tweak your design using css.

Keep up the hard work and code every day.
It’s a good practice to build something new every day.

Will implement the changes you recommended .Thank you for the suggestions!