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Hello everyone, i found the solution on internet, but in fact i can’t understand what is happening with this this.forEach(item => newArray.push(callback(item)));

I can’t understand why using this in this case and how we can access item, if in the parameters we only have callback and not callback(item)

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// the global Array
var s = [23, 65, 98, 5];

Array.prototype.myMap = function(callback){
var newArray = [];
// Add your code below this line
this.forEach(item => newArray.push(callback(item)));
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return newArray;


var new_s = s.myMap(function(item){
return item * 2;

Challenge: Implement map on a Prototype

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Thank you.

this is the array on which the myMap method is used

callback is the parameter of myMap, it is a function, and to call it you do it like any function

forEach is an array method, takes a function as parameter (called callback)

item is the parameter of the forEach callback

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Thank you for your advises related to the forum “rules”.

And thank you very very much for your explanation, now i can understand clearly what is happening in the code.