Help me pass the project


I am trying to build a Markdown Previewer, and I can’t seem to be able to pass the test No. 4. which is shown below.

#4: When I enter GitHub flavored markdown into the #editor element, the text is rendered as HTML in
the #preview element as I type (HINT: You don’t need to parse Markdown yourself - you can import the
Marked library for this:

My project link is here.

I searched online a lot, but that does not seem to help much.

I would appreciate it if you give a hint on how to solve the test No. 4.

Thank you.

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In your codepen you link to jquery and the fcc test suite but not to the marked cdn

Here is the documentation for marked, if you scroll down to Usage > Browser it will give you an example of how to use it.

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Because @ steven_kuipers helped me, I was able to solve the problem and pass all the tests.

Even though I could solve the problem, but I can not say that the whole experience itself was thoroughly straightforward. After all, I have done a lot of searching again.

One of them I found helped me most is:

The things I did not know to solve the problem before are:

First, Markdown is somehow related to Github.

Also, Markdown writes # signs for h1, h2 and so on, or when you make boldface, you need to use another mark(**).

I also found that there are a couple of ways to include the Markdown Library.

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

I’m not a 100% sure if there are more ways than those, though.

I also found that I need to use the marked () function.

result.innerHTML = marked(mark);

I still have a couple of more things to mention, but that’s going to make this little thank you note too long.

Thank you again for giving me a hint so I can find a way to understand the above.

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The way these assignments in FCC are set up require you to do increasing amounts of research and planning before you can tackle them. I think it is great, planning is a valuable skill to have as a developer.

Congrats on finishing this problem!