Help me please with this

I don’t know what should I put in key and value here, can someone please please say me which token or what should I put here

The token for your bot, the one that in the guide is put in the env file

Can you please say which token or what should I put here both in key and value … Please help me. I am making a bot for discord

HI @8b8joydeepsinha2021 !

It looks like you are probably going through the freeCodeCamp tutorial.
If so you need to add TOKEN to the key input for the secrets tab.
Then you need to add the actual value to the value input for the secrets tab.
The value should be a random collection of characters.
Then click on Add new secret.

As for your code, the last line should be this.


If you have further questions, then please supply your replit link instead of posting screenshots.

Hope that helps!

Here is an example of me using a fake token bot I just made up.

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