Help me to find Responsive Website Templates that can be build using HTML and CSS only

Hai there.
I have completed my Responsive Web Design Certification. Now I want to build two to three Responsive Websites(Web Pages) using HTML and CSS and to apply my knowledge. Is there any reference websites/Templates that can be build using only HTML and CSS?
Can anybody help to find a Responsive Website Templates for a beginner like me?
Thank you.

Templates? Nahh, do it by hand. CSS grid and flexbox would work together well.


I think the concept you want to practice is to code a site from a picture. This is part of the job if you work with a designer. You could also look at a challenging website but not its source code. You can also make unique sites by mixing design elements of two or more sites.

You could then learn to break a page up into chunks like Wordpress. It’s the easiest of the three most popular CMS and has a large share of the internet. What I mean by “chunks” is which parts of a webpage go into header.php and footer.php, etc. BTW I’m not telling you to learn PHP.

For inspiration you could check out dribbble or awwwards. They seem to be what’s fashionable.

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@Bhanu_TheLearner I suggest, like @RyanHuang06 that you should write the code yourself by hand. Find a responsive website that you like and recreate it from scratch without looking at the code used to build it. You want to learn correct??? Keep writing code by hand until you can create whatever website you want, you will increase your skill level.

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My intention is not to ask for source code but what I mean is: Is there any reference Responsive websites that are available so that I can exactly build the same using HTML and CSS. From a simple to somewhat complex websites that I should try, like someone already build it and I should try with my own style. We daily see many websites but I can’t able to do, because some of them requires other things along with HTML and CSS.
Thank you.