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Why is the code not working if the return and the ternary operator are not on the same line?

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function checkSign(num) {

num > 0 ? 'positive' : num < 0 ? 'negative' : 'zero';


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Challenge: Use Multiple Conditional (Ternary) Operators

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The return keyword on a line by itself will simply return undefined. You must either the value/expression you want returned on the same line or wrap it with ( and ). JavaScript interprets end of lines as end of statements (in most cases). We typically use semi-colons as a best practice to explicitly define the end of statement. Putting the return on a separate line tells JavaScript to just exit the function and return a value of undefined.

Here is an example:

function whatSize(arg) {
  return (
    arg < 10 ? 'small' : 'large'

whatSize(5); // small

Thank you! Its clear now .