Help me understand why my tests are failing, markdown previewer project

Getting multiple failed tests but everything seems like it is working properly to me when I test it. please help

Heres the github link, im using React and Reduxtoolkit

Why do you have a package.json in the root folder and then another sub folder (markdownprev)with yet another package.json file? Why not put the files located in markdownprev sub folder in the root folder to simplify things?

When I test your app, I am unable to type anything into the Editor. I can not delete any of text. When I look at the browser console, I see at least two errors you need to resolve first.

Also, if you have a live version of the site, can you post a link to it?

Thanks for taking a look, I have cleaned it up a bit and have made it so that the editor can actually be changed again. Most of the items seem to get parsed but for some reasons headings dont seem to appear parsed.

No live version yet, i can try to get one up and running. i will respond here with a link when i am able to get to it