Help need about Responsive Web Design Certificate

I completed the Responsive Web Design Certification and 5 projects. but there is no certificate and nothing else. though there is a green tick mark with every project after i submitted, but i am not even sure if my project was accepted or not?

However, i would like to get the certificate, what’re the criteria of getting certified?

You need to go to the settings to claim your certificate, and if you have not done so before agree to the Academy honesty pledge


thanks… certificate is now showing, but will FCC provide me any digital certificate or something? or that’s it? (only show my certification on my FCC profile?)

Once you claim the certificate you have a digital certificate, with a link where it can be verified its autenticity

but i didn’t find any link… will it be email to me?

Once you click “claim certificate” t will become “show certificate” and your certificate will show up from that button
The link at which the certificate is will also appear on the certificate itself