HELP need tips on learning Javascript

Hello everybody :slight_smile: . I’m so discouraged by the lack of direction in this FCC course. The projects are great and exciting but with the abundance of JS frameworks available it’s really hard to decide which technologies to begin learning. It would be amazing to hear your stories and tips on how you started off with js and how you structured learning it.

I’m a big fan of video lessons so I can recommend Pluralsight and tutorials. However, they are not free and not cheap alternative but well worth it.
As far as book concerns aiming at core Javascript there are just two - Javascript - Definite guide by David Flanagan and, of course, You Don’t know Javascript by Kyle Simpson.
These are just resources to help you start with Javascript, jQuery after that with React, AngularJS etc.
After that - projects and hard work :slight_smile:

Hello , i cannot help you.
i am full stack web developer like 3 years. and i am still learn Javascript.
it so big and have a lot of libraries. also if i read something i known before , i learn from this new thing i did not. what i can suggest to you. always keep dreaming and learning also the thing you are know.

@omer_cohen_npm what technologies you use in everyday work ?

depends on the project but right know i am using node.js with express and angular 1.x

My kind of guy :wink: Tell me please does node js can serve for larger web apps or is it just good for quick development server ?
I’m jQuery and Angular dev and on backend I use ASP.NET.

yes , i build web application with node.js is faster than ASP.Net.
the brain of node.js is c++ , right node.js is one trade but c++ manage all trades for node.js.
you do not need more than one.
callback is a solution for large application

So basically you say that Node JS is capable of large enterprise applications as a backend, secure enough, capable of big number of users at same time and can be hosted on linux for example ?

i had it Yes , now i am working with another project.

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It’s definitely a challenge! JS fatigue is a real thing.

I’ve started by working through several books, of which Eloquent Javascript has been my favorite – it’s challenging and it makes you work. Pair that with a more reference-type book and you have a good combo. But that’s if you know you do well learning from books.

What I’ve learned from building little apps, reading articles, following JS leaders on Twitter is ultimately… it doesn’t matter too much what you pick to build with at first, and that no matter what you’ll learn something just by using the various technologies and spending a bit of time wrapping your head around it.

That said, I think it’s good to choose some new thing to do for each project. Watch or read a quick and dirty tutorial on the framework/library/new fancy thing you want to try out and use that as a resource to apply to your own project. If you like it, make another project with that same technology and keep going getting better and more knowledgeable about it. And of course, see what employers are looking for. :slight_smile:

This FCC article was a good read too, and helps provide some direction:

Just keep building!

Yes, node is capable for enterprise systems if done correctly.