Help on HTML 15

Hey! I can’t figure out what i’m doing wrong

Once again check for typo errors in the anchor tag

Can’t find any typos:/

It’s not supposed to be herf attribute.

Happy coding

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Oops, fixed that. still not working though.

is it herf? I didn’t want to give a solution directly so I told to check for typos

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@Skilledmango also you need to remove space before closing anchor tag.

Remove the white space after the img element.

you need to use equal to sign( = ) after href


I might be stupid but when I do that it just deletes the whole img, I might’ve misunderstood you

Please post your actual code instead of a screenshot. Also, please post a link to the Step. Thanks

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I’ve got it thank you guys! :slight_smile:


Add a space to separate imgsrc