Help on HTTPs task

I have tried every means i could think of but i can’t seem to get it right on “Basic HTML and HTML5: Use the value attribute with Radio Buttons and Checkboxes” Thanks.

This is a skeleton of how it should look like:

< input Id=" something" type=“radio or checkbox” value=“something” name=“something”>something

It is necessary that whatsoever you take as your “for” attribute must correspond to the “value” attribute because it’s what the server you submit the form to reads.
Also note that you must choose either checkbox or radio for the “type” attribute.

You’ll want to post your code for us to be able to help you.

I’ve done all these, still the box for checkboxes ie for “loving”, “lazy” “energetic” are still showing the same thing

Okay try posting you codes let’s see what we can do

Without seeing your code we can’t help.

Copy the code from the editor, make a new post, press Ctrl + Shift + C, paste the code where it tells you to.

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