Help on mantaining id of tags when deploying react app on gh-pages

Hi everyone, and sorry in advance if this was answered before (couldn’t find it)

I worked on a MarkUp previewer on the front end libraries certification that passes 7/8 test on my local computer.
Then I deploy it on gh-pages using this method

and when I run the test on the gh-pages deploy it looses all of the ID attributes on the tags elements

What can i do to mantain the tags attributes on the elements when deploying to servers like GH o Heroku??

Thanks in advance

I used React and TailwindCSS in this project

Mauricio from Chile

Just curious: if you edit the files to re-instate the ID attributes, does that work?

Hi tioung

I don’t know why, but it worked.
All the Id’s were rendered as it suposed to

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