By using gh-pages to deploy a react app, not all project pages have been deployed on the live app

I have deployed a few days ago react app on GitHub page using gh-pages, And everything worked fine.

today I updated something on the app (The title of the app in the tab), and deployed the app again, by using the normal gh-pages commands - npm run deploy.

the deployed worked well including the change I made, except one of the css pages thet didn’t work, and it seemed that the deployed process was ignored this css page, although I did not change anything about the css page or the js pages to which it is associated.

It should also be noted that when I run the app locally on my computer, everything works fine including the css page that does not work after deployment.

Why is one of the css pages ignored after the deployed?
what can I do to fix it?

the code for the whole app is here

the css page that doesn’t work is here

the js pages to which it is associated is here

Thanks for every reply!