Created a webpage, working perfectly in my local system or loc

Created a webpage, working perfectly in my local system or localhost but after pushing the directory in github, the css file and js file is not rendered, only the html file is rendered. I dont understand where the mistake is. Kindly give your advise.

[Click here to visit the repository].(GitHub - akshaykumarmondal/RandomColorGenerator)

Can you explain what you mean by “after pushing the directory github, the css files and js file is not rendered”? Once you push to GitHub, how are you attempting to access the webpage after it is pushed up to GitHub? Can you provide the url you are trying to access?

Not sure where is the issue. Deployed version working fine imo:

I don’t understand what issue you are having. In your original post you said it was working fine locally but not working when you pushed to GitHub. Now, you say the deployed version is working fine. So what version is not working?

I tested it locally and tested the version and it works the same as the local version.

Peek 2023-02-19 10-25

Hello. I am not the original poster. I’ve just checked version of original poster’s app on github pages and I wasn’t able to find any issues. Sorry if my post was confusing.