Github deployment problem

Hi guys, I’m having a slight issue trying to deploy my site onto Github. The first page works fine, as does the second page, but for all the rest, I just get a 404 error message. The CSS will also not work. It all works fine on Gitpod.

Any ideas?


Hello there @FenderTele,

Can you maybe link your Github Repository that you are having a problem with? This can help us identify what is happening. Thank You :slight_smile:

Ok no problem. I’ll give some links out.

Repository link:

This is for the site:


Hey @FenderTele,

Thank you for linking your GitHub Repo. Anyways, the index.html inside the css folder is not the one being used. In fact, it’s the one in the master folder:

This means, your html is trying to find style.css in the same folder as index.html. This will cause a 404, because it cannot find it, because it’s in a deeper folder. So the fix would be to use a different path. Here’s the path that would work

Hope this Helps, and remember
Stay Safe and Happy Coding!! :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’m currently tearing my hair out trying to get the site deployed-even when I go onto the project page where all the files are stored, it still makes no difference-only 2 pages work. I’ve got 7 days for the project to be submitted. Wish me luck.