Image file is not working in github

Hello guys! I recently built a project using HTML & CSS and uploaded it to GitHub. But when I deploy my project on GitHub, the image file is not loading. I tried different formats of images but still got the same result. Can you guys look into it and tell me what’s wrong, please?

And also, I welcome project feedback.

Github Link: GitHub - nikhil-131/Blog-Preview-Card

Your image is there if I open live preview in local editor. Can you add more details?

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Yeah. In the local editor, the image is there and working fine; I tried in VS Code, and the images are loading. But on GitHub, the image is not loading.

I have checked the image file path in the HTML file, and it’s also correct. I don’t know why its not loading.

can you give the link of the live version?

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I checked your page in the Chrome dev tools and the images show up when I add a dot to your src links:

(I hope you can read it :wink:) I got a 404 not found and updated the import paths. If it works in the browser, maybe it’ll work with updated src links and new deployment, don’t know, but worth trying.

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Thanks a lot, Daniel :star_struck: it worked!
Thank you, Ilenia for helping.

Thanks a lot guys :upside_down_face:

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