New to everything. Why wont my github page load my css?SOLVED

Hi guys so I’m super new to to programming, been at it 5 days.

I’ve got a repository on github with some files which are all contained in the same folder on my OS.
I’ve uploaded them all and tried to see the final project but for some reason it only seems to be showing the html and not linking the css.

I’m still too new to link websites on here so my github name is MerlinAmbrose if that helps. The repository is the same name.

SOLUTION: I neglected putting the link in head (I put it after main). YOUR LINK TO CSS MUST GO IN HEAD

@MerlinAmbrose, actually the link to your CSS should be in the head element, not header
Anything that the browser renders belongs in the body element. You’ve got elements outside of body

You have the boilerplate template set up incorrectly. Elements are not the way they should be. Following is a bare minimum template.

<!DOCTYPE html>   
    <meta charset="utf-8">   

whoops /facepalm

thanks mod