Help! Please help. I am working on my Portfolio Page

Hello, my name is Kelyn. I am currently working on the portfolio question and I have a really dumb question. How do I use an anchor tag to redirect someone on certain content on the same webpage. Please guys help me. I would really appreciate the help. Any form of help would be highly appreciated.

You can use:

<a href="#some_id">Link to div with id: some_id</a>

To link to some other element that has an id of some_id:

<div id="some_id">If you click the link you will go here...</div>
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google is your friend.

give the target an id.

<div id="target"></div>

set href of link to point to id.

<a href="#target">Take me to the target.</a>

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If there is an <a name="foo"> tag or any tag with an id (e.g., <div id="foo">), then you can simply append #foo to the URL. Otherwise, you can’t arbitrarily link to portions of a page.

Here’s a complete example: <a href="">Jump to #foo on page.html</a>

Linking content on the same page example: <a href="#foo">Jump to #foo on same page</a>

Source: SO

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@BenGitter Thank you so much.

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Thanks for helping me I really appreciate the assistance.