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I’ve followed the rules for the below challenge and I still can’t seem to pass the test. I’m concatenating strings using the + operator. Both phrases are correct but I still get an error code. Any ideas?

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const myStr= "This is the start." + "This is the end."; // Change this line

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Challenge: Concatenating Strings with Plus Operator

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From the instructions:

“Be sure to include a space between the two strings.”

Hi @bbsmooth, I’ve put a space between the two strings and I’m still getting the error;
myStr should have a value of the string
This is the start. This is the end.

I’ve followed how the string should be completed in the video hint and how they have done it so I’m a bit puzzled.

How does your code look with the extra space, inside one of those two strings?

console.log("This is the start." + "This is the end.") // This is the start.This is the end.

There’s no space between the two sentences. Insert a space at the end of the string or at the beginning of the second string should solve it.

"This is the start. " + “This is the end.”

HI @SC92 !

When your code is not working it is best to use console.log to see the issue. I have added two here to represent the correct output and your output.

const myStr= "This is the start." + "This is the end."; // Change this line

//correct answer
console.log('This is the start. This is the end.')
//your answer

You should see this result in the console.

That should help you see the spacing issue everyone has mentioned.

Hope that helps!


Thanks. Task solved.

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