Help - responsive navbar

How can I get so that when I resize the screen that the image does not cover the nav meny when I click on the hamburger-menu (toggle). ?

I like to have it so the meny goes over the image or content.

Your query is hard to understand. Can you please explain more?

I have created a navbar when the window is re-sized down to 600px (mobile screens) you will see a hamburger menu.

If you now click on the hamburger menu to see the items (home, home2, home3, about).

Then u wont see the menu becouse it is hidden by the content (img).

So how can I change it so that the hamburger menu is over the content (img). ?

That is what I like to know.

I don’t see javascript code, How do you want the hamburger menu icon to respond to the click event?

I think it may be that image or the way you’ve got it coded. I replace that with five paragraphs of lorem ipsum text and on a smaller screen, when I expanded the hamburger I was able to see the nav links.

There is more work that needs to be done because when toggled the text from your links will mix with the text (or image) on your page. Maybe consider using flexbox for your nav.

javascript, why do u need that all is done with css and html so no need to include js ofcourse u can do it with js but thats not what I want here.

If you need something to happen when you click then you should use hs.
If you want to use only css then consider to use hover pseudo class