Help setting up Git for UDACITY Course

Hey, guys, I’m completely new Git/Github and cmd line so my terminology might be off I want to apologize in advance for any confusion.

Since I’ve never used the cmd I played around on Linux Survival to get the basics down. And started taking the Udacity course on “How to Use Git and GitHub”. I’ve gotten through most of Lesson 1 without much trouble, except somehow wiping all my projects folders from existence :sob: (lesson learned not to mess around on my computers cmd line without knowing what it does first).

To get to my point I’m at the part where they are teaching you how to set up and for some reason, I can’t get Git to cooperate. I’ve downloaded all the necessary files for the set up to my /Downloads folder like it’s shown in the video, and I have to move it over to the root file for Git.

The problem is when I try to copy the files over using the
$ mv Downloads/git-completion.bash
command, which from what I understand should copy the file directly to the current dir. But it won’t work I just keep getting this response
mv: missing destination file operand after 'Downloads/git-completion.bash'.”
When I tried manually entering the destination file
$ mv Downloads/git-completion.bash C:\'Program Files'\Git
I get just this
$ mv Downloads/git-completion.bash C:\'Program Files'\Git

Which doesn’t seem to be doing anything?

I’m out of ideas… I tried looking it up in a couple of different places but the more I look the more confused I get.

Ideally, I’d like to use Atom to manage all my Git/Github content. Is this even possible?

I really want to complete this course and start using GitHub to store my code so that I don’t lose it all again. :pensive:

Thank you for hearing me out.

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Paths with spaces need to be surrounded in quotes, the actual path.

You have this:
C:\'Program Files'\Git

Should be this:
"C:\Program Files\Git"

You will/should get an “Permission denied” unless your running (git-bash?) as admin.

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Omg, thank you! :bowing_man:t4::bowing_man:t4::bowing_man:t4:

I was never going to figure this out on my own, I’ve spent the last couple of days just looking up more lit/vids for Git and nowhere did they mention the quotations like this.