Help! Step 43 HTML/CSS Quiz

Step 43

Within the address element, add the following:

freeCodeCamp<br />
San Francisco<br />
California<br />

My code: <footer> <address> <p>freeCodeCamp<br /></p> <p>San Francisco<br /></p> <p>California<br /></p> <p>USA<br /></p> </address> </footer>


You should add the above text including the <br /> tags to the address element.

I’ll fix my code…sorry.

        <p>freeCodeCamp<br /></p>
        <p>San Francisco<br /></p>
        <p>California<br /></p>
        <p>USA<br /></p>
    </footer>  ```

I deleted the
after the USA and it comes up with the same hint

I deleted the break after the USA

Nevermind…I figured it out!

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