Help test freeCodeCamp's Foundational Math/Data Science/Machine Learning Curriculum (under development)

Hi everyone!

Kylie here. I am one of the developers of the much-anticipated Data Science and Machine Learning curriculum for freeCodeCamp!

We are looking for testers to trial foundational math, data science, and machine learning curricula :slightly_smiling_face: As you may infer, feedback is essential to making sure that the concepts we teach are accessible and presented in a learning-friendly manner.

In this series, we hope to teach math and data concepts to students who have a solid grasp of Python. The ideal candidate is someone who is knows basic/intermediate Python, but likely has not yet worked with libraries such as numpy, pandas, matplotlib, etc. Since we will be trialing separate pieces of the curriculum, the ideal candidate may range from someone who thinks they are “bad at math”, to someone who “learned statistics way back in the day”, to someone slightly more experienced who wants to learn machine learning.

If you are interested, please join the #data-science-curriculum-trials channel! Thanks everyone!

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Hi Kylie,

Is this going ahead?

A lot of us left a message in chat for you but heard no reply.
Could you please update what’s latest on this development.

I look forward to getting started with testing new curriculum.

they are still working on finalizing the curriculum, once it’s ready testing is going to start

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