We are building a full-blown data science curriculum that teaches math and machine learning

Hey freeCodeCamp friends,

We have been working toward this for several months. It represents our biggest priority for the next 2 years.

Here’s my full article with all the details, an FAQ, and a 28 minute demo video:

I’ve created this thread as a central place to answer your questions and discuss these new certifications.


Hey there @QuincyLarson !

I have a question, will this course come out in videos first and then later get interactive such as with the official python course? Or will these courses come out with the new curriculum planned for 2022?

Thanks! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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considering that the Stage 1 is

Stage #1 : We will publish the certification projects, which you can complete in order to obtain each of these data science certifications. We will also publish video courses that you can use – in combination with other learning resources – to learn the concepts.

it seems first the mandatory part of the certificate will be available, with videos, and after that in Stage 2 the practice part


@ieahleen ,
Ah, cool. Sort of like the existing python certs.

Yes, we may fall back on videos for some parts of the curriculum.

Our goal is to start publishing parts of this curriculum sooner, and perhaps have the certification projects for all 19 certifications (including existing ones, some of which may change a bit) in place much sooner than the end of 2022.

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Yeah @QuincyLarson , something is better than nothing I suppose LOL, can’t wait for the command line courses, and the VS code courses.

CodePen is great and all but VS code and being introduced to tools such as VS code is also important, honestly, I don’t know how to use the command line in VS code and that’s one of the things often overlooked in courses, glad to see FCC including it in the new course!


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Really Nice. :v: :v: :v: :v: :v: