Help - text depending on browser

Hello world,

I’m having a problem and have not been able to find any solution. (I have asked google…)

My problem is that forms that is imbedded on my site now is blocked by Microsoft Defender. Our form supplier is working on it, but I need a temporary solution.
I have reported the issue to Microsoft.

I have only basic knowledge in html.

What I’m looking for is simple code that will redirect visitor OR show a text on the page if Edge browser is detected.

Like “if edge is detected show this text” and maybe also “if edge is detected don’t include this iframe”

The page is .html based, not .php.

Any ideas?

It’s certainly possible, but it doesn’t look like something that can be done in plain HTML. You need the interactivity of JavaScript for this.

It sounds like what you need might not be browser detection, but operating system detection. There are ways to do that in JavaScript (a good search term here would be “javascript operating system detection” for tutorials). That said, you might want to consider whether it’s worth adding a bunch of temporary JS code for a temporary problem. It might be a more optimal solution to add a warning text box or all users explaining that the form may not work for some Windows users.

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The issue is only with Microsoft Edge browser.
When using any other browser in Windows the forms is showing as normal.

The same answer applies. You can do it with JavaScript (MDN has a recently updated article on this), but if you expect it to be a very temporary isssue, you might not want to.