Help : The html tags should wrap around one h1 element

What am I doing wrong? Isn’t the html tag wrapping the h1 element?

It means the H1(header one) tag is a body tag, so it should be under a body tag.

You don’t have any head and body tag in your html tag/code.

Just place the h1 inside the body.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<!--header stuffs goeas here, like styles, scripts, title, meta, ...-->
<!--body stuffs goes here, headers, text, images, etc...-->
<h1>Hello campionn</h1>

keep going on good work, happy coding.

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what’s wrong in my case. i have my heading tag in body

The challenge instructions and error message are very specific. You are only supposed to add one h1 element within the <html> and </html>. While there is nothing wrong with the html syntax you are using in your code, it will not pass the FCC test, because the test only expects to see one h1 element inside the html tags. You put a head and body element instead of just a single h1 element.

i got it. Thank you for helping me.

Thank you so much for code sample… its very simple task but I’m annoyed what to do.

I know the reply is extremely late but still, for anyone else out there stuck on the same problem in future, it’s the comment that is the problem, remove that and keep it simple. It will work!

Hope this helps someone!

Thank you , really helped a lot, l appreciate

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