Help to learn Node.js

Where I could learn Node.js ?
Please, recommend some web pages or books. Thank u

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I recommend checking out at Udemy, Learn and Understand NodeJS by Anthony Alicea.

He goes really into NodeJS with how V8 Engine works, etc, but I’d say at the end, it’s worth learning it!

Happy coding!

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Have you tried the node school’s learnyounode exercises? You’ll end up reading the documentation (which is pretty good) and solve a few exercises in pure node. Download it on your computer or Cloud9 and start solving it using the docs. As for the FCC challenges, start using Express instead of pure node to make your life easier.

Node school:
Node docs:
Express docs:

You really don’t need to be a master of raw NodeJS, but having a foundation will help understand what’s going on. Then you can start using express and work on FCC stuff.

Also there’s an oft-recommended course from EdX once you’re done with basic Node stuff:


Check out the Net Ninja

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started writing articles based on Express.js framework. below is the link:

I wish I’d found the book Express in Action when I was learning.

I started learning here: Those tutorials are mostly using Node JS based projects so Javascript was heavily emphasized.