Help using a Carousel in my Tribute project

Hello all!

I’m working on my Tribute page project and I would like a little help. After doing a little pre-project planning, I’m trying to put three pictures into a Bootstrap carousel. It seems to work, but it wont scroll through the slides. Any suggestions?

Hi it looks like you haven’t verified your email address on Codepen so it won’t let us view it in Full page mode.


Oops. Thank you. Try it now.

you need the boostrap js plugin.
So in settings / javascript add Bootstrap and then all should be ok

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Huh. I thought I already did that. I’ll check again. Thanks!

you put bootstrap in CSS but not in Javascript


I’ll try that. Thank you!

Worked like a charm! Thank you! Just need to make all the pictures one size so that it looks good.

It looks great !( though the images are a bit big for my screen (11’) so I need to scroll up and down to have a full view. )