What are your opinions about my Tribute page?

Hi there,

Here’s what I did for my Tribute Page Challenge : http://codepen.io/PierreLanoux/full/BQEvad/

Nothing extraordinary here, I haven’t used any CSS other than what Bootstrap has to offer. I’d like to know if there’s any big syntax mistake in my code, honestly I didn’t care much about W3C rules on this and went full spaghetti code on this.

I was thinking about integrating some jQuery to this, I started with the idea of making this an horizontal/carousel website (took inspiration from this website I found on Awwwards : http://www.carusihr.com/), but I couldn’t figure out how to make jQuery work on CodePen, so my Bootstrap Carousel ended up completely broken, and I had to lower my ambitions. :confused: I’m still thinking about doing a tribute page (or my portfolio, why not ?) in this style, but first I’ll have to google a bit how to install jQuery and Bootstrap on my projects.

Anyway what do you guys think ?

It’s a great start. Keep working on it abit. Nothing spaghetti about your HTML right now.

If you want to include jquery in codepen you need to go to Settings -> JS and look for the quick add drop down and just select jquery. Then you can start using it int he javascript window in codepen.