Finally finished the Tribute Page and here is my experience!

Hello Campers
So finally I have finished the Tribute Page.

My Html was similar to the Html of the sample page because initially I recreated their page and went through their code to see what’s the difference. And as a result correct my markup. Later I created my own tribute page with some extra css.

My html was similar to their sample but there were few difference:

For example I used Figure class instead of thumbnail and added margin/padding classes to get the desired image style. But it was messy so I took their style. Also there were issues with my use of column. And I think I actually kept it. Another issue was I forgot to add the footer. I completely forgot that. Anyways after studying the code a bit I fixed the issues. And used their code and added my own style.

Another reason I checked their code was because my site was getting messed up when i reduce the size of the browser (at the smallest window it become too small else it was good) and I checked in many places but didn’t find solution. Later I realize there were some issue with codepen settings.

I hope it doesn’t disqualify me from claiming the certificate.

There are still many things I am not understanding. For example I had to use many inline css here because I couldn’t style those attribute from css menu eg. H1 tag. I think maybe somehow H1 has been prioritize in bootstrap to keep default style unless priority is increased my inline style. Who knows? Hopefully I will learn those as I learn more.

Here is my tribute page- Kitty Cat (sorry couldn’t really find any better title):

PS. It seems codepen doesn’t allow privacy to free users. Many of my dummy codes were present when I tried to share.

It looks like a great layout. However you still got some work to do to clean it up. Try running the “Select Test Suite: Tribute Page”. You must have 10 out of 10 to submit it.