My Tribute Page open for criticism

Hi coders! I just finished my tribute page and i’m not actually a pro an apart from my survey form (which really did’nt turn out well but here is the link if you would like to see it ) this is the first thing i’ve coded here is the link

Hey piusogbe! I love that you’re experimenting with some crazy CSS effects. I recommend to keep playing around with it and try to incorporate some more of the styling that is introduced in the curriculum- like: text-alignment, font-size, dynamic image sizing (by giving it a max-height: 100%; , for example, the photo will be more dynamic- if you make your browser screen smaller than the photo, the photo will shrink too). Keep in mind that the user stories for the projects are just the minimum, and we’re encouraged to go way beyond the minimum requirements.

A few ideas to put you in the right direction:

  1. Within the HTML code box, there’s that little down arrow, if you click that, and then click Format HTML, you’ll get an idea of how HTML is conventionally written/formatted. Also click Analyze HTML and codepen will have important suggestions

  2. You don’t need a <link> for your stylesheet while working in codepen- they will integrate your CSS for you automatically. Really we’re just writing what would normally be in the <body> section of the HTML

  3. If you remove that <link> tag and the </A> tag shortly after it, your <h1> will function correctly and you’ll get a nice large, bold header for your page

I’d suggest to go through the challenges/curriculum again and apply HTML and CSS elements to your project piece-by-piece to give you an idea of how they work and which ones you’d like to incorporate


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Hi coder!
As for the link element i actually did my project offline before transferring to codepen.During the project there was an error so this is the actual tribute page, so sorry for this mistake. Thank you.