Help with bad habits

Hello FCC community! I’ve been meaning to stop in and make a post so thought why not now.

I’ve been learning Web Development for a few months now, and I feel that along the way I’ve acquired a number of bad habits. I cannot quite figure them out but I’ve been struggling with finishing web pages, correctly placing elements and just overall web responsiveness and usability amongst many other things.

I love FreeCodeCamp and owe a lot to the community. Which is why I want to fix these errors and continue learning in hopes to one day contribute to the open source community and to also help other aspiring Devs with their. All criticism, constructive or not, will be met with much appreciation.

codepen .io /philbillingsby

Thank you in advance!

If you’re using codepen just post links to your pens without the protocol

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Thank you!!! I really appreciate that.

Message I receive ‘For security reasons, you can’t include links in your posts yet. Use the freeCodeCamp forum a bit more to unlock this ability.’

Yeah, that’s why I say leave off the protocol. Give us something like;


Removing protocol : same message.

The spaced version worked! Thank you for the suggestion. Been a while since using/posting on forums!

For anyone wanting to reply…

Link to;
Tech Doc:

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