Wondering if someone could PM me

FCC won’t allow me to put up my work in order to get help with a piece of code from the tribute page design project. I’m having a really difficult time with it.
Thanks in advance.

where do you even have this page?

It’s in the Pen test suite.

It says:
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You don’t even have New Member yet?
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They have that in place so bots don’t flood the forum. Just insert a space next to a . and you should be fine.

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Sorry my code is all over the place. It says: . The element should responsively resize, relative to the width of its parent element, without exceeding its original size.

ok, just a protip, never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER use inline styles (style=""). Also, the image should use width: auto or max-width: something. Don’t combine height and width unless you know the exact aspect ratio (height compared to width, e.g. monitors are normally (width-height) 16:9), and it’s an all around bad idea to use absolute values like px. Use percentages.
Fixed here: wOWyLy


Organization nightmare, and makes your code look horrible when someone is inspecting it. Basically even using a style tag (in head is probably best) makes your code way more organized. If you’re using a full on .css file, that allows you to only have html in your .html file, and only css and JS in your .css and .js files.

Now let’s imagine I’m doing React with JSX. Still never ever ever ever…?

Gonna assume that’s JavaScript because I wasn’t paying attention, but yes, try to keep the js in it’s own file. onclick and other events can be functions (e.g. onclick="function(z)")

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Thank you for the tip and the help. I really appreciate it.

Hey How can I help or have you solved your problem?

I believe that this thread is solved. Welcome to the community by the way.

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Thank you! Could you check out my post?

I am trying to get my repo more views!