Another newbie seeking Tribute Page advice!

Hello everyone!

I am a complete newbie, and have been using FCC for the past three days. I’ve spent this evening trying to create the Tribute Page for my first challenge :sweat_smile:

I have pretty much no idea what I am doing, and after being totally overwhelmed by this first challenge I managed to give it a go with a LOT of google searching (and looking at all of your Tribute Pages - super helpful!).

If anybody could have a look at what I have so far, and give any advice or critique it would be much appreciated! I would just like to know if what i’ve written so far is correct as far as things like best practice and logicality go…

I still have a heap to learn but I’m really enjoying a fresh challenge and skill set :face_with_monocle:


Hello there :slight_smile: i have just visited your tribute page and I have a few suggestions for you :slight_smile:First things first, when you want to make a link on Code pen, along with href attribute always add target=’_blank’. In that case your link is reachable.
Also consider putting your css in css file, it is a bad habbit to put everything inside html file.
Hope I helped a little bit.
You have a good start, so just keep going :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply!

I’ll keep going and hopefully start seeing some improvements soon - it’s a lot to learn but i’m having fun so far.


You are using the px-unit to layout your font-size. Take a look at the units “em” and “rem”. These units size your text-size relative to the base text size (mostly 16px).

Personally I would use no css-libraries to build the tribute page. I think that a black belt raw CSS is the first thing to accomplish. Then you can look at third-party libraries and judge yourself if these have added value.

Ukele is great.

Thank you for that, something else to look into and play about with - seems like a good way to size text!

I’ll have to give using raw CSS a try and see how I get on - thanks so much for your advice.

p.s ukulele IS great!