FCC Tribute Page - Please suggest Improvements

Hi all. Finished my tribute page. I have made pages before with bootstrap templates, but tried to stick to curriculum to try and get better. I was very surprised how long this took me! Any feedback would be appreciated.


I looked at your css. You have empty rule for #tribute-link . Better avoid it.

Thanks got rid of that

Hi @jta86,

It’s a clean site. You can make it better if you use some more white space. Right now, the list items are just too close to one another. Another thing, set a max-width on the ul so the user doesn’t have to read from one end of the screen through the other end.

Thank you very much! Added some white space between the

  • . Set the max width so it does not stretch out so far on larger screens. Changed the quote similarly. It does indeed look better.
  • Hello there! I read your code and here is my suggestions:

    1. Your <link> tag is not on the right place, it should be on the <head> tag, and you can access the <head> tag by the “Setting” button, like in the image below:

      You must do like this, because every thing that you write on the code editor is in the <body> on Codepen. You can read the The Pen Preview Document to understand better what I am saying.

    2. The same for <script>.

    3. A <title></title> with nothing on it?

    4. Applying the line-height attribute on your CSS could make the text easier to read.

    5. The colors “#fcfcfc” and “#f5f5f5” looked almost the same, at least on my screen.

    That is it! Here are just some tips, feel free to follow them or not.

    Okay thanks for that.

    1. I jumped into codepen without knowing how almost anything about it. I have duplicated the errors on project 2 and 3 :frowning: . I will fix it a do it the right way.

    2. I must have typed out that and left it empty. Why? I don’t know. I will put something there.

    3. I added some margin to to my list to increase readability, but line height is probably more appropriate.

    4. The colors appear different on my color calibrated monitor that I usually work from. Checked on my laptop though…very very close indeed. Will darken one of them up. A lesson for the future.

    Thanks again!