Help with Basic Node and Express - Meet the Node console

these instructions aren’t clear enough. i’ve tried completing this challenge at every angle i can think is possible, and it’s just never enough. i don’t know where my questions should begin. what console is it talking about? what defines a console to the person who made this challenge? am i using the browser console, my own operating system command prompt somehow, or uh… these challenges seem to be pushing glitch pretty hard, so i guess i use the glitch console?

once i can get the console puzzle figured out, what does it mean by “print hello world to the console”? opening node and typing “console.log(“Hello World”);” doesn’t seem to be it.

either this challenge isn’t clear enough, or my deductive reasoning skills need more work. either way, i can’t come to figure out how to pass this seemingly simple challenge for s***.

I assume you’ve set up Glitch and have it there? The console in this case it the console/terminal window of your node environment. There is no browser in node - it is the terminal.

hi @Zigg1, i agree the instructions aren’t clear. It took me a bit longer than it should to figure it out but here is what you need to do:

  1. modify myApp.js with console.log (“Hello World”)

  1. click tools > logs this will show the server side console which is not the same as the browser console

  1. use the ‘Live App’ link to complete the challenge

Hope this gets you back on track buddy.


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