Help with Build a Survey Form Project

Hello -

I am currently struggling with
User Story #2:
I can see a short explanation with id="description" in P sized text.

I really feel like I’ve done what was asked of me and have no idea what’s going wrong here.
Here is a snippet of relevant code and a bit of the surrounding code:

  <h1 id="title">Sammi Survey</h1>
  <div id="description" class="p">
    <p>Here is a form to share your opinions about Sammi!</p>
  <form id="#survey-form" action=/submit-sammi-survey>

HOW is this not passing?
I also feel like this user story is kind of worded weird. “P sized text”??

Okay. So I actually got this. I still think this is a weird questions because the tests specifically say they expected the “description” stuff to be within the tag.

But as a follow-up, could someone explain why my phone number field looks janky? Why it got small and cut off when I set the type/min/max?

Here’s a link. Thanks.

Welcome to the forums @lilsammiofficial. Someone may come and give a more thorough explanation but the short answer is, because that’s HTML. It’s a number field and you have given it a very small max so it styles itself with just enough space to accommodate that number. Make it 10 million and you’ll see it get a little larger. But we have CSS. Give it a class and then in CSS give that class name a width to make the field larger.

As an aside, everyone has a very small phone number. :slightly_smiling_face: