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I’m on my second project on codepen and I’m having trouble with it that I didn’t have the first time I started using it. I can only change the color of the body if I use “background-color” in css, instead of just “color”, but I’ve seen other people use just “Color” to change it. I want to change the divs too and I gave them Id’s, but when I change them in css I don’t see anything. I’m not sure whats going on since I did the same thing in my previous project and I had no problems. I would greatly appreciate if anyone would help me.

First your DIVs doesnt contain any elements so there is nothing to show, put some content inside. CSS color rule is for text color and background-color is for background color.

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If you want to keep your divs empty, give them some height.

For example,
#first {

Right now they are totally flat, which is why you don’t see anything.

I’ve never seen people change the background color in CSS by using "Color, You’d have to show me some screenshots, Even if they did, it’s unlikely that it is standard CSS. in CSS, the color attribute refers to the text