Help with HTML step 35

Hello, I do not understand what I am doing wrong with the code. The instructions say to add an action attribute to the form element. However, when I do so, it says the form element does not have an action attribute. Can someone explain this to me? Thank you.
Here is a part of my code below;

  <h2>Cat Form</h2>
  <form action="">
  </form action>
I have also tried this ;
          <form action=""></form action>

**Challenge:**  Step 35
**Link to the challenge:**

First of all, you have too many forms. Each <form></form> pair is its own form. So, looking at your first example, the:


is just an empty form that shouldn’t be there. Remove it.

Then, you end with </form action>. That “action” shouldn’t be there - closing tags don’t have attributes, all of that is taken care of in the opening tag.

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