Hey everyone. Please i need help with step 35

The action attribute i use is not working. Please i need help. Thank you

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Can you post your code, it Is hard to find your problem without the code.

It would be good If you could post a link too.

<form action="https://freecatphotoapp.com/submit-cat-photo></form action>"
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That’s the code i wrote but it doesn’t pass. How do I write the correct code? Thank you.

You haven’t closed the quotes properly, and the closing form element doesn’t take attributes.

You have to close the quotes after the action link.

I am so sorry for bugging. But i have tried it as you explained and it still doesn’t pass.

  • You should have only one form element, you can delete the first form element.

  • Closing tags do not take attributes, you have given </form action>,
    always remember that closing elements dont have attributes.

Cryptic_X Kindly help me. at least with a little format of how the code will look like. I have tried countless times to tweak the code but still it doesn’t pass.

Ok, I will give you an example of a form element:

<form action="...">

Now going back to your code:

<form><form action="..."</form>

First of all you will have to delete the extra form elements and then close the opening <form> element.

Note: The ... is just some placeholder value.

All thanks to you. I got it right. Truly grateful

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