Help with Image Search Abstraction challenge

I’m about to start the Image Search Abstraction challenge but i got a few questions about it.
Namely is it needed a api to get the images? like google images api or from a mongo database?
this because the challenge information is a little scarce.
Can anyone provide more information about that particular challenge?

thanks in advance

Hey there! I just finished mine yesterday and after some time thinking about it, I chose to use googles api. Their image search api is deprecated so you will have to look for their custom search engine api. I’ll grab some links for you.
It will tell you that you need an api key and that you need to make a custom search engine in their control panel. Just a tip if you decide to use this api: when you make your custom search engine make sure to set it to search the entire web. That gave me a ton of problems before.

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thanks for the help with that challenge…i’m almost completing it. the info you provided was very usefull.