Help with JavaScript Calculator

Not getting it? Tried but i think am missing something. Like after calculation, i can’t add a symbol to the result. I must append a number to it first before any proceeds plus other error encountered.

When I open up the dev console and enter "1 + 1 = -", I see an error. Do you?

but 1 + 1 = 2. Or come again maybe i don’t get your point

You didn’t provide reproduction steps so I had to guess. Yes, if I press "1 + 1 =", I expect 2 to show - it does. But then if I press -, as in using that 2 in a subtraction problem, I would expect to see something like "2 -" in one of the displays. It doesn’t. And there is an error in the browser console.

I thought that was the problem you are describing. Or maybe I discovered a new one.

Exactly. That’s one of the many problems. Thank God you got the question

Still waiting for a reply while i work on the clock

I am at a work conference this week so I am not able to answer quickly.

Did you have a pending question? I was asking if, when you enter those values, if you see the error in the browser console? Learning to use the browser dev tools is very important for a web developer.

Yes i see them. That’s why i need help in that aspect.
As for the browser console, i’ll look into that today.

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