Help with JS app that changes XML values from user input

I’m trying to build an app but am somewhat new to Javascript (~8 mons XP).

Goal: Build a simple web app that allows users to edit a VoIP phone config file (xml) by choosing Radio Buttons with corresponding values.


  1. Clock Display ( 12hr | 24hr )
  2. Display Name: “John Smith”
  3. Allow Admin: ( 0 || 1 ) - 0-Default 1-Admin

When a user makes a decision, it changes the value in the XML file. After all options are chosen the xml file will be printed to the screen for the user to copy/paste.

A lot of answer I found involve using node.js, jquery, or something else to manipulate the DOM. The issue is I can’t figure out a way to load the XML file into a variable. The XML code has a lot of html-esque code that affects me leading it into the html file itself. I’ve tried encapsulating it in code/pre tags (and one I forgot) but this made it even harder to add to variables/elements.
Where would I start?

Setup Environment

  • index.html
  • template.xml
  • app.js

Can someone help point me in the right direction? I’m also looking to pair program if anyone is interested. I have a c9 account we can use. Also anyone willing to just mentor/work with me on this would be greatly appreciated.

If you need to display xml, you can use <textarea>put an xml string here</textarea>.

See here:

Does the xml look like this?

Could you paste or provide a link to sample XML files?

Is there no existing gui tool - does the vendor not provide an app?

do you want the app to be client-server i.e. work on shared files - or pure clientside i.e. work on local files?

you can pm me for 1-1 help

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Thanks, yes it does. Only problem is then creating/accessing variables from there…

Yes, this is exactly what I’m working with! Would really appreciate the help. Will PM you and send you what I have so far via GitHub/ (whatever preference).

I’m so sorry for the delayed response, I had the wrong notifications turned off.

The vendor does not provide a gui tool, nor anyone else.

Ideally, I’d like to keep it client-side only. If you believe client-server would be easier I’m willing to do either (since I’ve been dipping my toes into node and prev django/python xp.).

I really just need help changing 1 xml variable to get the flow of things.

Somewhere in the future… I plan to build it further from there like adding other templates, versions, and maybe a visual element (for display configs). It would be nice for people to store/share their configs too.