I need help on how to plan a web development Project

Hi Campers, am planning on making a web application on a project am passionate about. I believe planning it will make it easier and faster for me to finish before writing any code. Thanks in advance

That’s an excellent idea - you’re right to say planning helps with coding - I suggest using the forum to discuss the plan and ideas - something vague and nascent can be refined quickly through the sort of constructive conversation encouraged on this forum - also you’ll clarify your thoughts and questions by having to write them for the forum

here’s some of my recent answers on early stage project planning to get you started

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Thanks ppc, I appreciate. Actually it is a job listing website for a small NGO… The idea is that there will be posters of jobs and there will be applicants for jobs. In essence there will be users with different permissions. Am already setting up a trello board to be as specific as possible

Here is a link to the trello board I created
Still a work in progress

You should think about getting your NGO listed at freecodecamp


You may be able to get good contributions

Think about keeping it open source and free from the start

Trello may be blocked by corporate firewalls - you may want to write a project plan and list tasks in plain text or markdown in a github repo - maybe set up a github webpage too

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