Help with Portfolio and Plugins

Hello guys, I’m building a website on wordpress, and maybe this is noob questions, but I didn’t find any other place where I could get help (since the theme support doesn’t help me).

1- On this page: How can I center the project titles with the images? At the moment it’s like on the left, but I want it centered. Didn’t find any option to do that.

2- I want to when people go with the mouse on the image on portfolio page: they can click on it and go to that page, not just the hover effect. I want to keep the hover effect on the image, but when people pass the mouse by the image they can click and go to that page/project, just like when they pass on the title and it directs to the page, I also want that in the image.

3- Also on the page mentioned above, below the footer there’s a white space, how can I remove it? Only on that page shows that below the footer.

4- I have a plugin to translate the site as you can see at the end of the pages, but I want to put it right before the burger menu. Before the 3 lines (the style of the burger menu). Where do I insert the code so it stays on that position?

Sorry if it’s too many questions, but I really need help. Thanks!

Hi Rafa,

nice to meet you!

You can set the header to take the full width and h3 to text-align: center

You can set the inner-body div to a column flexbox with the height of 100vh and give main a flex-grow.

There is a div with class="elementor-widget-wrap" in the header.
Try to put it somewhere there, you need to play around with it.